1.         This invitation for  bids  follows  the  General  Procurement  Notice for the year 2016/17 which appeared in the Daily Newspaper and Mwananchi Newspapers of 12th August 2016, respectively.

2.         Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) has set  aside  funds  in  its  budget  for  FY  2016/17 to  finance  procurement  of  New Flow Meters for Refined Fuel Products at Kurasini Oil Jet (KOJ), Dar es Salaam Port.

3.         TPA  now  invites  sealed  tenders  for  Supply,  Installation  and  Commissioning of New Flow Meters for Refined Fuel Products at KOJ, Dar es Salaam Port.

4.         Tendering  will  be  conducted  through  the  International  Competitive  Bidding (ICB) procedures specified in the Procurement Regulations, 2013 -  Government Notice  No. 446 with its amendments of 2016 and is open to all Bidders as defined in the Regulations unless otherwise stated in the Tender Data Sheet.

5.         Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from/and inspect the Bidding Documents at the office of the Director of Procurement & Contracts, 2nd Floor,  Room  No.  48, TPA  Headquarters,  located   at  the   junctions  of  Bandari / Kilwa Roads, Dar es Salaam from 08.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m local time on Mondays to Friday, inclusive, except on public holidays.

6.         A  complete  set  of  each  tender  document  and  additional sets may be purchased by  interested   bidders   on the submission of a written application to the address given under paragraph 5 above upon payment of a non-refundable fee of TZS 200,000.00. or its equivalent in readily convertible currency. Payment should be either  by  banker's  cheque  or cash payable to the Director General, Tanzania Ports Authority.

7.         There will be a Pre-bid meeting and site visit on 31at  March,  2017  at  10.00 a.m local time at TPA Conference Room located the junctions of Bandari / Kilwa Roads, Dar es Salaam in the 2nd Floor for Dar es Salaam Port site. Ali pre-bid meeting and site visit are mandatory for interested bidders.

8.         Each tender must be accompanied by a tender security equal to USD 200,000.00 (United  States  Dollar  Two  Hundred  Thousand  only)  in a form of unconditional Bank Guatantee or Banker's Cheque. Bid Securing   Declaration and  Insurance Bonds will not be accepted. Tenders not accompanied by an acceptable tender security will be rejected.

9.         Each Tender  duly  completed  in one  original  plus  two  copies  should  be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked "Tender No. AE/016/2016-17/CTB/G/35  for Supply,  Installation and Commissioning of New Flow Meters for Refined Fuel Products at KOJ, Dar es Salaam Port. All tenders shall be addressed  to  the address given under paragraph 5 above; Or deposited in the Tender  Box, which  is located  in Room No. 48 on the 2nd  Floor  of  TPA Headquarters Building,  One Bandari Road,  before the deadline for submission of bids. Electronic Tenders are not acceptable.

10.      Tenders will close on 12nd May, 2017 at 10.00 a.m. local time and will be opened publicly soon thereafter in the TPA Conference Room No. 39 on the 2nd Floor. Bidders and / or their Representatives  who wish to witness  the  opening  are welcome to attend.

11.      Late tenders,  portion of tenders,  electronic tenders,  tenders  not received,  tenders not opened and read out in public at the tender opening ceremony shall not be accepted for evaluation irrespective of any circumstances.

12.      Please note that Tanzania  Ports  Authority  is  not  obliged  to  accept  the  lowest  or  any tender.

Director General,
Tanzania Ports Authority,
P.O. Box 9184,
Tel. No. +255 22 2110401
Fax No. +255 22 2130390
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The signing of Project Cotton Victoria

The signing of the Project Cotton Victoria took place on September 28, 2016, at the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), with the presence of the First Secretary of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mr. Frank Mhina, the Ambassador of Burundi, Mr. Gaudence Sindayigaya, the representative of Kenya, Ms. Constance Sidi, the President of the IBA (Brazilian Cotton Institute), Mr. Haroldo Cunha, IBA's Technical Director, Mr. Gustavo Piccoli, the dean of UFLA (Federal University of Lavras), Mr. José Roberto Soares Scolforo, the director of ABC, Ambassador John Almino, ABC's General Coordinator for Africa, Asia, and Oceania, Ms. Nelci Peres Caixeta, and ABC's Project Analyst, Ms. Camila Guedes Ariza.
The Cotton Victoria Project is a partnership between ABC, IBA, UFLA, Brazil, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi, with the goal to increase the institutional capacity and human resources training in the use and dissemination of technology in cotton production. At the end of the project, which will last four years, it is expected that it will have contributed to increasing the competitiveness of the cotton sector in Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi, with the production of a greater amount of high quality cotton.


Tanzania Tourist Board

29 February at 23:03 · Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ·



Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has been following up the ongoing discussions on social media following a video clip being posted on YouTube ( which has been circulating through various media channels showing a person claiming that Oldupai Gorge, a site in Tanzania that holds evidence of the earliest existence of mankind is in Kenya.
This video clip has triggered a lot of discussions on the different social media among Tanzanians and other people who have good wishes for Tanzania tourism who know very well that Oldupai Gorge is in Tanzania and NOT in Kenya.

As a public institution, responsible for marketing and promotion of Tanzania tourist attractions, Tanzania Tourist Board is also dismayed by this misleading information which intends to distort the good work the Board has been doing in promoting Tanzania tourist attractions including the Oldupai Gorge.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to strongly refute this statement delivered by the said person from a neighboring country while addressing one of the sessions of the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) in USA, August 2015.

We would like to inform the world that as it is the case for Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar to mention just a few, Olduvai Gorge which is referred to as the Cradle of Mankind, where Dr. Louis and Mary Leakey discovered important hominid remains of the nutcracker ‘Australopithecus bosel’, who lived nearly two million years ago, is also in Tanzania and not elsewhere in the world. It is located in the eastern Serengeti Plains in the Arusha Region and about 45 km, from Laetoli, another important archaeological site of early human occupation. The paleoanthropologist-archeologist team Mary and Louis Leakey established and developed the excavation and research programs at Olduvai Gorge which achieved great advances of human knowledge and world-renown status. Olduvai Gorge is one of the key tourist attractions for Tanzania.

We call upon Tanzanians and those with good wishes for Tanzania wherever they are to continue supporting the effort’s undertaken by TTB in marketing Tanzania and her all tourism attractions. We believe that it is the role of every single Tanzanian to promote Tanzania as Africa’s best destination and ask them to join and support Tanzania Tourist Board in its efforts to promote destination Tanzania.

We would like to applaud the reaction made by Tanzanians and non-Tanzanian within and out of Tanzania, who through this incident were able to stand up as ‘one voice’ and tell the world that OLDUPAI GORGE is INDEED IN TANZANIA!

Issued by:

Public Relations Office




The Government of Tanzania arrives in Brazil to learn programs on food security

O Centro de Excelência contra a Fome do Programa Mundial de Alimentos (PMA) recebe delegação do Governo da Tanzânia a partir de hoje até 30 de novembro para treinamento em programas de segurança alimentar. O grupo visita Brasilia para se encontrar com os responsáveis do Governo Federal envolvidos na implementação de políticas de combate à fome e pobreza. Em seguida, parte para Salvador para conhecer na prática como os programas articulam compras locais de alimentos da agricultura familiar com fornecimento de merenda escolar nas escolas públicas.

Com foco em expandir o programa de alimentação escolar do país, o Governo da Tanzânia envia representantes do Ministério de Assuntos e Cooperação Internacional, Ministério da Educação e Formação Profissional, do Centro Nacional de Alimentação e Nutrição, do Ministério da Agricultura, Segurança Alimentar e Cooperativas e oficiais do escritório do PMA no país. Na agenda estão previstas apresentações sobre aspectos legais e financeiros dos programas além da coordenação entre ações complementares.